Voice Acting
Voice acting is the art of doing voice-overs or
providing voices to represent a character or to
provide information to an audience or user.
Examples include animated, off-stage, off-screen or
non-visible characters in various works, including
feature films, dubbed foreign language films,
animated short films, television programs,
commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video
games, puppet shows, amusement rides,
audiobooks, and documentaries.

Whether you are interested in voicing business and
education videos or television commercials and
video games - you need to be able to act. Acting
classes will improve your voice-over performance no
matter what area you are leaning towards.
how to warm up your voice, how to breathe properly,
assume a proper posture for voicing, and
unwavering intonation, phrasing, fluctuation,
elasticity, and versatility, allowing you to explore the
potential of your voice in a friendly
, fun environment.
You'll even take away an audio reel of your work.

No experience is necessary.

Workshop total hours =

Cost per hour = $35
Monday June 12th                   6PM-8PM
Tuesday       June 13th            6PM-8PM
Saturday June 17th                  9AM-11AM

Monday July 10th                    6PM-8PM
Tuesday      July 11th              6PM-8PM
Saturday July 15th                   9AM-11AM

Monday Aug. 7th                     6PM-8PM
Tuesday       Aug. 8th              6PM-8PM
Saturday Aug. 12th                  9AM-11AM

Monday Sept. 4th                  6PM-8PM
Tuesday      Sept. 5th            6PM-8PM
Saturday Sept. 9th                9AM-11AM

Monday Sept.
25th                  6PM-8PM
Tuesday      Sept.
26th            6PM-8PM
Saturday Sept.
30th                9AM-11AM

Additional workshops to be added.
Please check back for more dates.
Indicates 50% savings
Your workshop is only $17.50 per hour!