Broadcast TV
Broadcast television systems are encoding or
formatting standards for the transmission and
reception of terrestrial television signals. There were
three main analog television systems in use around
the world until late 2010s (expected): NTSC, PAL,
and SECAM. Now in digital television (DTV),

The class will introduce the primary elements of
video production and covers all the main aspects of
professional television
in studio-based production .
Students will complete short a group project and get
instruction in pre-production planning, camera,
audio, lighting, directing, producing, reporting,
switching and more. They will also get to work with,
and learn from
an industry professional. A short
lower 3rds graphics
training will be provided, and a
short TV program will be produced to put the skills in
to action.
This experience will provide a glimpse into
the many careers in television, multimedia, audio
and video production.

No experience is necessary.

Workshop total hours =

Cost per hour = $35
Monday June 19th         6PM-8PM
Tuesday June 20th       
Saturday June 3rd        
 9AM - 11AM

Monday July 17th           6PM-8PM
Tuesday July 19th          6PM-8PM
Saturday July 22nd        9AM - 11AM

Monday Aug. 14th          6PM-8PM
Tuesday Aug. 15th         6PM-8PM
Saturday Aug. 19th        9AM - 11AM

Monday S
ept. 11th         6PM-8PM
Tuesday S
ept. 12th        6PM-8PM
Sept. 16th       9AM - 11AM

Additional workshops to be added.
Please check back for more dates.
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Your workshop is only $17.50 per hour!